Jeroen Steinmetz (1978 ) was born in the Netherlands . His creativity has been much encouraged in his childhood by his parents . He has a degree from the ArtEZ Arnhem . During his graduation, his starting point was the scenery , this landscape he painted abstract on large canvases , 3mx2m . For the theoretical part , he has delved into the diversions and functions of landscape art , in which the reference Ton Lemaire and Han Lorzing played a major role, but also conversations with other different  artists and walking, climbing and meditate. In addition, he was the first artist who made a painting at 4000 meters altitude. (in the Swiss Alps) 
After Artez he started to focus on painting, which he studied at the KASKA ( Konink. Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp ) for 4 years. He makes oil paintings in his own theme and concepts, is exposing his works in gallery's.  For companies and businesses he is a viable to make artworks or murals . You can apply a format for the paintings and murals.



The way of looking through people, landscapes, city lines, streets, buildings, etcetera, gives a own criteria for the concepts in photography. I have a little selection of photographic works, analogue and digital. This will be a part of making "images." This images here are not inspiration for his paintings or theme's.


When you saw the film on the first page, you'll see the theme of dead and born. In this way there is a lot of worry's and happiness. So as we speak of contradiction, morality and raise, you'll see it back in almost every life form, and also in his works.  Above we see a photograph of Steinmetz with his first camera, 34 years ago.